Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adventures in Building Rasa-Caffe ( Part -3)

Here are some picture of the storefront that i have been wanting to share.
You will find some before and after pictures with some other interesting photos!
Thank you and enjoy!

This is a picture of the Rasa Caffe storefront before we got started.

This is an  in-between picture of the work


After picture! I probably should take the tape off!

Wall before

David of the fire house art collective priming a wall!


                                                  A  Picture of the pillar and wall.

                           A picture of Tom while working and showing me the progress of                                                                              cleaning , fixing the walls, and priming the place!

                                          Siouxsie taking on part of the project of sanding the pillar.

                                                 After. The wooden pillar came out nicely

                             This is a picture of the floor that we were looking to fix with some Elmer's glue sealant                        and paint . It turns out that this old floor could be a safety hazard if not properly fixed. So it looks like we will get a brand new floor as tenant improvement!

                            This is a photo of my fractured finger. I was belt sanding the pillar and it caught my finger pulling off the nail as well. I am very thankful that David ( of the firehouse) was onsite and drove me to the hospital emergency room. It was quite traumatic and I am glad I still have the digit!

What is Sicily looking for? Actually it's a cool tile store in Berkeley that has a great free tile section!

This is a picture of the coffee cart that is being built for Rasa caffe in our work shop.
We are excited to start fully using it!

Photo of Dash looking for a "pick me up" in the refrigerator.

This is a wide shot of  our work shop a lot is in progress there.

A simple photo of the Rasa Caffe sticker and business cards 

                                              A great photo of espresso art for Rasa Caffe
                                                                       Thanks Sicily!


  1. Wow, this all looks rockin' good!!! So happy you are moving in, can't wait for my first cup.

    1. yes you will have for some Kumchatka!

  2. Sweet to see work in process. OUCH your poor finger. Gonna be ok I hope. Opening day is expected to be when?

    1. thank you and yes i am gald to be working with you and bheema to! we have a tentative date to open late nov-beginning dec