Monday, August 26, 2013

Adventures in Building Rasa-Caffe ( Part -1

A Few Days ago me and a friend went out to look  at some fantastic items and essentials that will help shape Rasa- Caffe. We started out by going to a local outdoor furniture store to look at some cool tables and reclaimed wood.  I mainly took a liking to the small round table with the birdhouse sitting on it. 

Doors anyone? I am thinking of putting a new front door on the Caffe.  When we found the door section in urban ore and walked down this isle, I realized it would take a lot of focus to sift through this lot and pull out a gem! Can you Believe there's two more rows of doors like this one!

What a beautiful mantle piece! walking around the ore i came across this spectacle. This would look lovely in the caffe.  On the other hand, its about as big as the cafe and I get the feeling it may not be in the budget!

This bunch of reusable marble in the large back lot of the ore. I am sure i can use some for something..Any ideas?

Next for a pick me up, we stopped at local coffee bar for a strong Honduran Joe pour over. After which, We went outside to the storefront to soak in the warm bay area sun and have jovial conversations with new made friends. I also took few shots of their cool parklet for my idea board. Store front seating outside our shop is important part of our social community! While we are in the process of working on our own design for an outside chill spot, parklets are the way to go! ( )

Dude It came in the mail!  the other day I finally got some new coffee Gear that me and my buddy Rj were looking at on line. I think he got a kitty ( smimlar to a moka) and sent me some fine goods like the latest grinder from hario , a stainless steel buono hairo pot good for pour over, and I  know the chemex set is in there some where! Actually the chemex came broken in this very box. Thank goodness the online company sent me out another one fully intact.  When the new Chemex box did  arrive however,  it was some how delivered and left in my  my backyard! I was home all day and the back gate is locked ! Did the delivery person throw it over the gate?  to this day i still don't know what happen. There's some odd delivery people out there!  I am really glad i got my package though.

Thanks more cool adventures to come
Thank you and stay tuned!


  1. Looks like a fun project. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Love hearing about your adventures looking for cool stuff for the cafe. Great pics!